Build An Easter Basket For Your Pup


In our minds, Easter is the official howliday that kicks off the spring season. So, we have to do it right! Our Easter Begg Hunt planning for the pups is underway, so now it’s time to focus on the centerpiece of the celebration… the Easter Begg Basket!

When we were kids, we looked forward to our Easter Egg Baskets. They were stuffed with plastic eggs filled with treats, bubble gum, candy, and toys. Then, there was the showstopper – the chocolate bunny. We couldn’t wait to dive into them.

Nowadays, when we make Easter Begg Baskets for the pups, we keep that basic formula with a bit of dogification. Though these doggy Easter baskets don’t have the chocolate bunny, there are plenty of pup-friendly showstoppers to include in your basket. At Three Dog Bakery, we have a large selection of dog-friendly goodies to help build out your pup’s basket from treats and toys to clothing and chews. Oh! We do skip the syntheic Easter grass, as we don’t want accidental ingestion. If you want to use it, paper is the way to go.


Need some ideas? Check out the Easter Begg baskets below. Each was put together to be more enjoyable for the lucky pup receiving it, based on their age and personality.



1 year old. Enjoys a variety of treats and chews. Enjoys plush toys.

  • Eggs filled with… Soft Baked PB&J Bites
  • Package of…Puppy Butters
  • Case Treat…Peanut Mutter Woofle
  • Chew…No-Hide Peanut Butter
  • Toy…Fluff and Tuff Howie The Duck
  • Personal item…Petal & Bow flower for her collar



11 years old. LOVES all treats. Not a full set of teeth but enjoys chewing. Loves retrieving.

  • Eggs filled with… Double Rewards
  • Package of…Bitty Bites
  • Case Treat…Cotton Tail Woofie Pie®
  • Chew… Whimzees
  • Toy…Ruff Wear Hover Craft
  • Personal item…Dubdog Bow for collar



2 years old. LOVES peanut butter, chewing and crunchy. Lives for food-stuffed toys.


8 years old. Prefers savory treats and MUST have grain-free. LOVES to chew and tug toys.



Of course, all the GRReat treats, toys, and canine apparel listed are available at your nearest Three Dog Bakery! Each of our nearly 50 Three Dog Bakeries has its own unique flavor—but no matter which one you visit, you’re guaranteed to delight your doggo. But, if you’re not near a Three Dog Bakery, don’t despair! The packaged treats listed are available at select merchants near you.



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