KC Dogs and Dog Owners Are In For a Treat

Three Dog Bakery® and Bar K

Announce Innovative Store-in-Bar Retail Partnership 


KANSAS CITY – (June 28, 2021) – The 200,000 dogs and dog owners who visit Bar K annually will soon have another reason to go into full-body tail wagging mode. Two of Kansas City’s dog-lover staples are coming together for maximum dog-gone good fun. Three Dog Bakery® and Bar K are opening “Three Dog Bakery® @ Bar K,” a retail boutique in Bar K’s spacious Kansas City facility. 

The innovative bakery-within-a-bar will feature Three Dog Bakery®’s highly “pup-ular” fresh-baked cakes and dog treats. Plus, it will have other “dogcessities,” such as collars, leashes, toys, and chews.

“We host a lot of dog birthday parties at Bar K,” said Dave Hensley, Founding Partner of Bar K. “Now, our customers will be able to visit Three Dog Bakery® @ Bar K to select and decorate a birthday cake or cookie right on our premises!” Bar K and Three Dog Bakery® have put together a menu of party packages to suit every type of dog-centric occasion.  

“Three Dog Bakery® is America’s original dog bakery and we have been helping pet parents celebrate birthdays, gotcha days and key milestones in their pets’ lives for over 30 years,” said Joe Dent, President of Franchising and Corporate Bakeries at Three Dog Bakery®, which is headquartered here in Kansas City.” Having a location right in the middle of Bar K’s highly experiential campus will take the ritual of celebration to a whole new level.”

Construction of Three Dog Bakery® @ Bar K is underway and expected to open to the public in July 2021. It will be located in Bar K’s bar/restaurant on the east side, next to Petfinder Park.

“This will make Bar K an even more indispensable part of the lifestyle of dog lovers in Kansas City,” said Leib Dodell, Founding Partner of Bar K. “Now, in addition to spending time with their dogs and their friends in our joyful space, pet owners will be able to pick up treats, cakes, and other essentials from the best pet bakery and boutique in the country.” 


About Bar K

Bar K is a unique new destination combining a thoughtfully designed, fully staffed dog park with a modern bar, restaurant, and event space. Bar K brings engaged, community-minded people and their dogs together to share connections with their pups and each other in a joyful and creative atmosphere. The first Bar K opened in August 2018 on the riverfront in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. More locations are planned around the country. To learn more, visit www.barkdogbar.com.  


About Three Dog Bakery® 

Founded in 1989, Three Dog Bakery® is America’s original bakery for dogs. Headquartered in Kansas City, the company provides oven-baked treats, pastries, food, and other essential supplies for dogs in over 45 retail bakery franchises across the U.S., Canada, and Hong Kong, as well as in many national independent pet and mass retailers.