Create An Easter Begg Hunt For Your Pup

Our Easter Begg Hunts are a memorable spring tradition for us at Three Dog Bakery! It’s an event many of us, and our customers look forward to all year long. If you and your pup would like to PAWticipate in one of our Easter events, check out your nearest bakery.

If you and your best furry friend (BFF) aren’t able to join us this year, no worries! We want the celebration to continue! So, we put together some tips to help you create an EGGcellent Easter Begg Hunt for your pup right in your own home.


An Easter Begg Hunt is a lot like a kid’s Easter Egg Hunt. Except that in this hunt, our four-legged friends will use their high-powered noses to hunt for eggs filled with droolicious treats. It’s a fun activity for the dogs and all involved. Not only is it mentally challenging for the pups, but it is a PAWsome way for them to burn off some excess energy.


In our traditional Easter Begg Hunts, the dogs sniff out plastic eggs filled with treats. They’re the type of plastic eggs you might pick up at the grocery store or dollar store.

Because dogs come in all shapes and sizes, you need to choose an egg that your dog can’t crunch or swallow. If your pup is the type to hurriedly gulp down a plastic egg, skip the egg! You can host an egg-less hunt and have your pup look for hidden treats.


Because we have a range of furry hunters at our Begg Hunts, we fill the eggs with a variety of small treats, such as Itty Bitty Bones With Cheese and Itty Bitty Bones with Peanut Butter. Also, pups who are new to the game may need the extra encouragement of more aromatic treats too, so we’ll use treats like our Double Rewards and PBJ Bites.

No matter what types of treats you choose for your eggs, avoid the tummy aches. Don’t let your pup eat too many goodies in a short time. They can always hunt for the eggs and eat the rewards throughout the day.


The rules of the hunt are super simple. Once your dog’s nose touches the egg, they win and they get a treat. The more eggs they find, the more cookies they get.

For new hunt participants, walk them up to the first egg and say to them in a cheerful voice, “What’s that?” as you point towards it. When they touch it, tell them they did a great job. You pick up the egg, open it, and give them the treat inside.

If your pup isn’t sure about the strange plastic egg, encourage them to come closer and examine. As soon as your dog starts to move closer to the egg, praise them. If you need to touch the egg, do it. Open it up. Show them what’s inside and reward them with the treat inside.

Some dogs are a little reluctant at first, but don’t worry! As your pup gains confidence and understands the game, he or she will become a master hunter and start leading you to the eggs. 


After the Begg Hunt, don’t FURget to top off your pup’s Easter celebration with some fresh-baked treats and an Easter Begg Basket. Of course, we have a great selection in our pastry cases. But, if you’re really looking for the WOW factor, check out our personalized Bunny Cookie. 


Don’t forget to share the fun! If you set up an Easter Begg Hunt for your pup, let us know. Share your photos or videos of your pup hunting and having a GRReat Easter using #ThreeDogBakery. Follow the hashtag this weekend to see everyone’s Easter Begg Hunts. Then on April 5th, we’ll share out some of our favorite photos!