Training Tip Tuesday – Getting Creative with Food-Stuffed Toys

You’ve walked your dog. You’ve played ball in the yard. But, when you sit down in the evening, your dog still has excess energy to burn. You just need a few minutes to yourself. What do you do with your dog?

Time for a food stuffed toy!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how to replace your dog’s food bowl with a food-stuffed toy and how it stretched out meal time from a 2-minute inhalation of food to a mentally engaging game for your dog. And, we’ve learned how to make the toys more challenging for your dog by adding wet food and freezing the toy.

What next? How do I keep my dog engaged?

The only limit to what
you do with food-stuffed toys is your own creativity! Stop by the bakery with
your dog and get inspired! Try different shaped toys! Try different edible
items. You’re not limited to just using dog food.

Depending on the shape
of the toy, you can stuff it with a bully stick or lots of tiny treats. Try a
curly Bully Stick and twist it into a toy. Or, you can mix it up completely!
Shove a Whimzee chew into a toy and wedge wet dog food around it, freeze it and
then let you dog enjoy a cool treat.

Remember, our goal is
to mentally and physically challenge your dog – not to frustrate them. So,
don’t make is super difficult. Even an experienced dog may stop using these
toys if they cannot get the goodies out.

Happy training!

Sharon of Personable Pets