Our rawhide is different

Because we love dogs like you love dogs AND we’re pet parents, just like you, we know dogs have a natural tendency to chew. And, while many dogs LOVE rawhide, it’s up to us as pet parents to educate ourselves about it and then decide if we feel comfortable with it. If so, then we need to select the safest product for them.

Our bakeries carry many different chews for dogs, and rawhide is one of those chews. We know rawhide has a “questionable” reputation and often listed in recalls. But, our rawhide is different. It’s 100% American – it’s never left the country nor has it been recalled.

Our American rawhide is more expensive than the foreign-made chews you get at some big box stores. But, quality and piece of mind costs more.

When you buy our American rawhide, you can put your mind at rest.Our rawhide is cleaned with peroxide and water, dipped into all-natural flavoring and dried.You won’t find any toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, lead, or arsenic.

Our rawhides are naturally thick. They’re not made thick by gluing and pressing small pieces of rawhide together. Many customers have found the thickness of our rawhides lasts longer with their aggressive chewers!

Many of our very own bakery dogs enjoy the taste and pleasure that comes from our rawhides. We can assure you that if we weren’t comfortable with the products, we wouldn’t let our dogs chew them and we wouldn’t carry them.

Next time you stop by the bakery and need a chew for your dog, feel free to ask our bakery staff questions for recommendations. They’d be more than happy to help you select a product you feel comfortable with and that your dog will enjoy.