Keeping Your Dog Busy During Conference Calls

With so many of us at home right now,  our best furry friends who were once our pets are now our roommates and coworkers. Behaviors that were once, okay, have now gotten under our skin a bit and causing some disruptions to our new work-from-home lifestyle. That is why we have partnered with Personable Pets Dog Training to bring you weekly short video training tips to make your new lifestyle a little easier.

We’re dog people like you’re dog people. So, when we talk with our family, friends, and customers, we talk about dogs, of course!  With recent events keeping us all home more, one of the things we keep hearing about is “How can I keep my pup busy so I can get some work done? More specifically, “How do I keep my dog from interrupting conference calls?”

So, we asked Sharon, the owner of Personable Pets, to share some tips on how to do just that! Check out the video below.