How-To Host An Easter Begg Hunt At Home!

Our Easter Begg Hunts are a memorable spring tradition for us! An event many of us look forward to all year long.

While we aren’t able to host our normal PAWty this year and invite all our two-legged and four-legged customers, we want the celebration to continue! So, we’re going to share some tips to help you create an EGGcellent Easter Begg Hunt for your pups right in your own home.

What is an Easter Begg Hunt?

An Easter Begg Hunt is similar to a traditional Easter Egg Hunt for kids. Except that in this hunt, the dogs will use their super sniffing abilities to hunt for treat-filled egg. It’s a fun activity for the dogs and all involved. It is mentally stimulating for the four-legged participants and a great way to release some energy.

Share the Fun

Though we can’t all be together in person for this year’s Easter Begg Hunt, we want to try and replicate the experience as best we can. If you set up an Easter Begg Hunt for your pup, let us know! Share your photos or videos using #EasterBeggHunt on Facebook or Instagram.  Follow the hashtag this weekend to see everyone’s Easter Begg Hunts. Then on April 14, we’ll share out some of our favorite photos!

To Egg or Not to Egg

Traditionally, our Begg Hunt participants hunt plastic eggs that we fill with a variety of treats. They’re the type of plastic eggs you might pick up at the grocery store or dollar store.

You know your dog best! Choose an egg that your dog can’t crunch or swallow. If your pup is the type to hurriedly gulp down a plastic egg, skip the egg! You can host an egg-less hunt.

Treats, please!

Typically, we use a mix of goodies from the bakery. We use Itty Bitty Bones With Cheese or Itty Bitty Bones with Peanut Butter, and we use some more fragrant treats, too, like our Oats and Apple Cookies or even PBJ Bites.

We always go with a variety of treats at our Begg Hunts. We have a lot of canine participants, and not all of them will like the same flavors. Plus, some dogs are new to this game and need the more fragrant treats to entice them into hunting while seasoned participants know the game and are eager hunters.

No matter what types of treats you choose, avoid the tummy aches. Don’t let your pup eat too many goodies in a short time. They can always hunt for the eggs and eat the rewards throughout the day.

 Time To Hide

While our Easter Begg Hunts are traditionally outdoors in a large park, keep in mind, this is a personalized hunt for your BFF. If you have the green space, great. You can hide eggs throughout your yard. But, it can be just as much fun to play the game indoors, too.

Inside or outside, it doesn’t matter. If this is your pup’s first hunt, make it easy! Place the eggs in low grass or a flat surface, so the game is simple so they can learn how to get their reward quickly.

Once they learn the game, next time you play, you can make it more difficult. You can start hiding eggs in tall grass, off the ground, and in more unique places to challenge them.

Time To Hunt

Because our hunts are in large parks, we have participants on lead. But, if your event is indoors or in a secure yard, you can play the game off-lead.

Off-lead or on lead, the rules are simple. Once your dog’s nose touches the egg, they get a treat. The more eggs they find, the more cookies they get.

For new dogs and pups, walk them up to the first egg and say to them with a cheerful voice, “What’s that?”, as you point towards it. As soon as your pup touches it, tell them they did a great job, “Yes!” Pick up the egg, and give them a treat.

If your pup is unsure about the strange plastic egg, encourage them to come closer and look at it. As soon as your pup starts to move closer to the egg, praise. If you need to touch the egg, do it. Open it up and show them what’s inside.

Rest assured, as your dog gains confidence and understands the game, he or she will be leading you to the eggs.

Of course, you know your dog best, and there are always exceptions to every rule. Just have fun!