DOGust 1st – Universal Birthday Party for All Shelter Dogs & Rescues

At Three Dog Bakery, we feel that every day with our dogs is a celebration! Of course, there are days that you might want to do something extra special for your furry BFF, like their birthday.

But, what if you don’t know their actual birthday? No worries! North Shore Animal League declared August 1 to be DOGust the 1st, a universal birthday for all shelter and rescue dogs. So, all dogs can now have a birthday party.

Either way, we’re ready to help you create a memorable day for your dog. Here are some birthday basics.


Birthdays and cake go hand-in-hand, and, of course, it’s not a party without cake! We have cakes in various shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors that will turn any event into a party. We try to keep some ready to go, but they are popular so we suggest ordering yours at least three days in advance (5 days for grain or wheat-free cakes).

If your pup has canine friends attending their party and isn’t into sharing, never fear. We also have Pupcakes for all sizes of dogs in a variety of flavors so that nobody has to wait for the cake to be cut.


It’s your dog’s special day and a great time to check your dog’s collar or harness. It is too small now or getting frayed? This would be a great time to get a new collar or harness. There are many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from at the bakery.


Some dogs hate wearing clothing while others are perfectly happy wearing them. If your dog is comfortable with the idea, go for it! Nothing says “It’s my birthday!” more than a party hat or bandanna. Plus, they make adorable photo opportunities.


Of course, after an awesome birthday party, guests leave with goodie bags. Tasty biscuits, chews and small toys make great treats for guest bags. Just keep track of ingredients in case any of your pup’s guests have allergies.

When it comes to celebrating your dog’s birthday, once you cover the basics, depending on your dog’s personality, you can go all out with decorations, invitations, and guests. Or, you can play it low-key with just family.

Remember, is about celebrating the love you share with your best furry friend. So, do whatever it is you two love best.