Chester & Rodney – Movie Night

This week I discovered feature films. I had no idea theaters existed. I mean, I’ve watched television many times and home videos, too. Chester loves going to the movies, and I thought it was high time I went, too. After begging him to take me, he finally gave in. The feature film we saw was “Our Idiot Brother.” Going to the movies wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The theater is walking distance from home, but I knew that someone would stop two dogs walking sans an owner. So, we had to use as much natural cover as we could: trees, tall grass, parked cars, you know, blend in just in case someone should catch us in flagrante delicto. Though that in itself was tricky, what I didn’t realize was that getting into the theater would present an even bigger challenge. Inquiring eyes everywhere! Even with our flawless disguises of t-shirts, shorts, and sunglasses, (no need for fake mustache and beard, we both have genuine ones). Somehow, we managed to surreptitiously walk past the ticket booths. I must admit we had a bit of trouble figuring out which of the eighteen theaters was showing the movie in question. Thankfully, I found the correct theater and the lights were already out, making it easier to walk in unnoticed. Chester said we should lie down in the front row so as to make ourselves all but imperceptible. We settled in when, suddenly, the previews started. The excitement was palpable; all that action, oh my! I was entranced. At times I wanted to stand up and clap, though Chester warned me not to. At one point I got so excited that I actually did stand up. Luckily, there weren’t too many people in the theater, or I’m sure some nimrod would’ve yelled at me. In any event, I quickly sat down, I didn’t want to get kicked out.

After the previews came the feature film. I was mesmerized by the tremendousness of it all. To have so many well-known actors starring in it, including… drum roll please… our very own Hudson! Yes, Hudson co-stars! Hudson’s biological father Gable (may he rest in peace) has a co-starring and somewhat larger role than Hudson does. And Hudson’s grandmother, Kelly, also co-stars. The story is about Ned, played by Paul Rudd. He kind of reminded me of myself: trusting, loyal, easygoing and friendly. Ned is an innocent and well-meaning chap who seemingly has Tourettes. I apparently suffer from that at times as well. If something needs to be said, why filter it? Just let it flow right up the throat, over the tongue, look out gums, here it comes! No need to go through the brain first, that’s just a waste of time.

Ned has a dog named Willie Nelson (our Golden siblings all playing the same character) and, through admittedly some fault of his own, he loses custody of Willie Nelson. The poor guy then spends the next hour and a half trying to reunite with his best friend. Quite touching and poignant, if you ask me. Gable didn’t have any speaking parts which made his acting all the more formidable. I so enjoyed this, my first visit to the theater. By the way, did you know that they have food at movie theaters? Yes, they have hot dogs, pizza, pretzels, all the junk food my little heart could ever dream of. I can feel my tummy rumbling just thinking about it. Next time I’ll suggest to Chester we do dinner and a movie, unless… yikes, those dreaded health codes deter us from buying any food. If so, I’ll have to sneak in a soda and sandwich, or maybe just stay home, do Netflix and eat at will.


Photos Courtesy Of The Author