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Super Rewards with Superfoods – Orchard Apple Pie Flavor

Three Dog Bakery’s tasked their chefs with crafting a new line of small treats that are darn close to treat PAWfection, Super Reward with Superfoods.

Each Super Rewards recipe has wholesome ingredients you can pronounce along with antioxidant-rich superfoods you recognize like apples and cinnamon. Even though each Super Rewards treat is full of superfoods, they’re also big on the pastry-inspired tastes that Three Dog Bakery is known for, like, Orchard Apple Pie flavor. They’re small in size, just 3 calories, which means they are a GRReat size for rewarding everyday achievements, like a good ‘sit’ or ‘who’s a good boy?’ Or as a treat for our smaller fur­ry friends.

Plus, every Super Rewards with Superfoods recipe uses premium up­cycled food ingredients to help reduce global food waste. Super Rewards with Superfoods Orchard Apple Pie Flavor is super for your pets AND super for the planet.

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