It all started in 1989 with a rescue pup named Gracie who had the strongest of hearts and the tenderest of tummies. Typical kibble wouldn’t cut it—so we gathered up the best, healthiest ingredients and learned how to bake. From that very first batch, we experienced the magic of doggie devotion—and with each new bakery, we’ve been building on our mission to make tails wag across the country ever since.


As a member of our pack, you’re not just grabbing a slice of the super dynamic pet industry pie—you’re taking part in the continued legacy of the world’s first bakery for dogs and making the healthiest handmade treats a pup can get their paws on. To us, this is about so much more than running a business. It’s a chance to connect with a community of dog lovers in your area, to spread joy, and to build a life you love. We’ve got almost 3 decades of experience under our belt, and we’re here to help you every step of the way with all the business resources, on-going training and support you need to ensure you never feel like you’re chasing your tail.