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Three Dog Bakery first opened in 1989 with a
mission to create wholesome foods and treats.

Drool-Worthy Treats

Three Dog Bakery Fresh Baked Treats for Dogs - Worth Begging For!


Healthy, Handmade, High-Quality


Your dog deserves the good stuff and nothing less. Which is why our bites are crafted only from real, wholesome ingredients.

Just some of the ingredients we use, see if you don’t drool a little…





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Three Dog Bakeries are located across the US an Canada, with more locations opening every month!

If you are a Dog Lover looking for a Entrepreneurial Opportunity, become a member of our pack!

Take part in the continued legacy of the world’s first bakery for dogs and make the healthiest handmade treats for pups to get their paws on!


Three Dog B akery Experience - Drool Worthy Treats for Dogs

Celebration Cakes

Three Dog Bakery - Fresh Baked Carrot Cake for Dogs

Let ‘Em Eat Carrot Cake

Three Dog Bakery - Fresh Baked Personalized Easter Bunny Cookies for Dogs

Personalized Easter Bunny Cookie

Three Dog Bakery - Fresh Baked Shamrock Cake for Dogs

Shamruff Cookie