Training Tip Tuesday – Wait to exit the vehicle

Welcome to Training Tip Tuesday — Wait to exit the vehicle

If you’ve been following along over the past few weeks, you and your dog have accomplished a lot. Not only have you learned what the “wait” cue means, and how it differs from the “stay” cue, but you’ve also started to use it in real life, too. 

We’ve taught our dog how to “wait” calmly for a food bowl and how to “wait” while we put a collar and/or leash on so we can go for a walk. We’ve also taught our dog to “wait” while we open the door without bolting out. And, last, but not least, we’re going to teach our dogs how to “wait” when exiting a vehicle.

Our goal is to have our dog wait in the vehicle while we open the door to either load or unload the vehicle. The dog jump out of the car or push past us and exit the vehicle until we say the release word.

1. Your dog is on-lead and in the vehicle while you’re on the other side of the door. The window is open so the dog can easily hear you.

2. Give your dog the “wait” cue and then remain quiet.

3. Slowly open the vehicle door.

4. If your dog moves toward the door, simply start to shut the door while remaining quiet.

5. Start again with opening the door slowly.

6. If your dog keeps trying to push past you, just try two or three times. Then, walk away for a few minutes before trying again.

7. Continue until you can slowly open the vehicle door. without your dog diving out the door. 

8. When your dog has successfully waited for you to open the door, say the word “OK” or “Free” to let your dog know that it is okay to exit the vehicle.

Be patient! It may take some time, but it is actually quite easy.

WOW! Look how far your dog has come! Not only has your dog learned to wait, but you’ve laid the groundwork for great communication and that is what it’s all about.

Happy training!

Sharon of Personable Pets