Training Tip Tuesday – Replacing the Food Bowl with Food Stuffed Toys

You’ve walked your dog. You’ve played ball in the yard. But, when you sit down in the evening, your dog still has excess energy to burn. You just need a few minutes to yourself. What do you do with your dog?

Time for a food stuffed toy!

Remember, we discussed the fact that if dogs lived in the wild, they’d spend a significant amount of time looking for food and in turn burning off that excess energy. So, when they’re living the good life with us on the couch, we’ve taken that outlet for burning energy away from them. But, with food stuffed toys, we can give them a natural outlet for their energy.

This week, we’re learning about replacing our dog’s food bowl with a food-stuffed toy.

When we switch from pouring our dog’s food into a bowl with placing it in a food-stuffed toy, we’re stretching out meal time. It’s now no longer a 2-minute speed test. We’re now using this time to engage them both mentally and physically. We’re slowing down their eating speed, and increasing their energy output. We’re making tired, happy dogs. AND, we all know, a tired dog is a good dog..

Happy training!

Sharon of Personable Pets