Resource List For Our Facebook LIVE Training Events

Thank you for joining us for our Ask The Trainer Facebook Live events or Puppy Adventures with Personable Pets Dog Training! We’ve put together a resource list for you.

New puppy or dog? Check out the Personable Pets Puppy Head Start Program! It’s a free guide to get you started on the right foot! It covers housebreaking, biting, socializing and more. You can download it HERE.

All of our previous Facebook Live training sessions with Personable Pets are archived HERE on the Three Dog Bakery Facebook page.

We have also worked with Personable Pets to release Training Tip Tuesday videos. They’re dedicated to short training tips on just one subject, such as Using Food-Stuffed Toys, Selecting Chews, etc. We’re adding different items each week based upon frequently asked questions in the LIVE sessions.

Quick question or need a dog training tip? You can reach out to the trainer, Sharon, at She may be able to offer up some quick tips. She is also offering discounted one-on-one video chats during this time for more involved cases.