Go Big & Bark About It!

Three Dog Bakery, LLC is pleased to reveal its updated logo, the launch of a new visual brand identity, and new packaging at SuperZoo in Las Vegas on July 25-27 along with four classic  childhood cookies reimagined as dog treats.

“The launch of our refreshed logo and visual brand is a significant milestone and the start of a new era for us,” said Scott Ragan,
President & CEO, “The effort pays homage to our past while supporting our vision and ambition for the future. We are excited. It strengthens our position in the artisan treat market.”

With the unveiling of the refreshed branding, Three Dog Bakery is inviting passionate pet lovers to take a bite out of life, and treat their pup to something better! The four new classic cookies are wholesome and so irresistibly delicious, pet parents might just wanna take
a bite out of ‘em before sharing them with their best furry friend.

PB&J Cookies – Is it hard to improve on this classic sandwich? Yes. But not impossible. The Three Dog Bakery Chef took the
GRReat combination and created Peanut Butter & Jelly cookies. They are a PAWfect balance of sweet and savory that dogs LOVE!

Animal Crackers – Animal Crackers, a childhood staple, are sweet like cookies and crunchy like crackers. Now, dogs can enjoy the
nostalgic taste, too! Instead of lions, tigers, and bears, dogs can chomp down on mail carriers, cats, squirrels, fire hydrants, and bones.

Classic Peanut Butter Chip Cookies – These peanut butter chip cookies will remind you of the cookies that grandma made – except
these are made for dogs. They are the old-fashioned style of cookies, a little crunchy, a little crumbly, and absolute PAWfection.

Oatmeal/Peanut Butter with Apple Cookies – A traditional oatmeal cookie with peanut butter in it (just like mom used to make) gets an update with the addition of apple pieces. Each bite is wonderfully balanced with sweet apples, decadent peanut butter, and wholesome oats. YUM!

“Cookies are always a treat, but for many of our loyal pet parents, they also conjure childhood memories. With these small batch treats, pet parents have the opportunity to safely share a taste of their childhood with their pups” said Ragan. “With our artisan treats, you will see the magic and dogged devotion of our talented chefs. These treats are authentic and nourishing, and you will feel good about feeding your dog these wholesome and unique delights,” continued Ragan. “Our commitment to crafting our products with natural, higher quality ingredients stems from the same love we took in developing these products when we opened the Original Bakery for Dogs.”




Founded in 1989, Three Dog Bakery is America’s original bakery for dogs. Headquartered in Kansas City, the company
provides all-natural, oven-baked treats, pastries, and food for dogs in nearly 50 retail bakery franchises across the U.S., Canada, and Hong Kong, as well as in many national independent pet and mass retailers. Three Dog Bakery’s expanding franchise segment is creating opportunities for business owners around the globe. For more information about Three Dog Bakery, visit www.ThreeDog.com. For more about becoming a Three Dog Bakery franchisee, contact
Jodi Jacobi at 816-994-0731 or visit www.ThreeDogFranchise.com.